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FINA Reform Committee Proposes Sweeping Updates to Aquatic Governance FINA Reform Committee Proposes Sweeping Updates to Aquatic Governance
Oct. 12, 2021 — FINA, the international governing body of aquatic sports, has received a list of recommendations intended to improve its the integrity and efficiency.
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The world cannot be afraid of ‘over-sensitivity’ from China | Swimmer's Daily
March 8, 2020 — Australian swimmer Mack Horton has been inundated with apologies following the decision to ban rival Sun Yang for eight years, but The Institute of Public Affairs’ Gideon Rozner says it goes to show “you can’t criticize” China “for anything”.
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The Week That Was: Sarah Sjostrom Returns to Racing in France; Pebley Withdraws From Olympic Trials
June 7, 2021 — The Week That Was sponsored by Suitmate. Reigning Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Sarah Sjostrom made a return to racing

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The Week That Was: McKeown Rattles 100 Back World Record; Curzan & Hwang Set World Junior Records
May 17, 2021 — The Week That Was sponsored by Suitmate. There were several fast swims this past weekend as the countdown to the Olympic Trials intensifies

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Shayna Jack to appeal four-year ban at Court of Arbitration for Sport, after decision by ASADA panel | Swimmer's Daily
March 13, 2020 — Australian swimmer Shayna Jack is heading to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to appeal a four-year ban recommended by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority’s rule violation panel. The 20-year old tested positive to the banned substance Ligandrol before last year’s World Swimming Championships in South Korea. ASADA has not named the swimmer on its list of sanctioned athletes and is not required to do so until 21 days after any appeal process has been finalised.
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FINA Establishes COVID-19 Taskforce
March 10, 2020 — FINA has announced that it’s established a COVID-19 taskforce in a press release on Tuesday, bringing together medical experts to monitor the spread of the virus and consider its consequences on upcoming FINA events. “Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, FINA has been working hard to make sure our athletes, officials and fans are protected as much as possible,” said FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione . “All those who love Aquatics are looking forward to the competitions of Tokyo 2020. “FINA is being proactive to secure the Olympic Qualifying System for our disciplines and to e ...
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IWD: When Cate Campbell Called Out ‘Arrogant’ FINA Leaders For Losing Sight Of Athletes In Pursuit Of Money
March 8, 2020 — Cate Campbell barely hesitates when asked what singular issue concerns her in the campaign for athletes to have a far greater say in the leadership and direction of their sport: “I think the fact that they haven’t ever requested an athlete’s opinion on anything [laughter rumbles through the journalists listening].” At a media briefing for her kit at the Casa Arena on the banks of the Danube in Budapest, Campbell adds: “We are essentially FINA’s assets. Without us there is no FINA and I think sometimes that can be forgotten.”
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Sun Yang Sprayed By Social-Media Criticism As Fans Turn On Their Fallen Star & Say Sorry To Mack Horton
March 7, 2020 — Chinese fans have turned on Sun Yang in a “spray” of social-media criticism of the swimmer following the publication of the full report of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) outlining the reasons why the three-times Olympic champion has been banned for eight years. Sun, who has long been adored by loyal fans and defended robustly between his positive test of 2014 and his latest anti-doping challenge, now finds himself called “a big baby”,”arrogant” and “rude”, while the team about him is labelled “stupid and evil” in some of the posts calling on the swimmer and his entourage to ...
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Sun Yang backlash: Chinese fans turn on their hero and apologise to ‘hated’ Aussie Mack Horton | Swimmer's Daily
March 7, 2020 — The tide appears to have turned on triple Olympic champion Sun Yang as social media users have begun to apologise to his great rival, Mack Horton, after the widespread publication of the Court of Arbitration for Sport report. Horton, who has been feuding with Sun since 2014 over the China star’s drugs ban, has long been the target of Chinese swim fans as they defended their hero. , that has changed since the publication of the 78-page CAS report of its findings from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s appeal against Sun and swimming governing body Fina.
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Sun Yang CAS Report In Full: Athlete Actions “Wholly Inappropriate”, IDTM Testing Team Exonerated
March 5, 2020 — The IDTM testing team put through a mangle by Sun Yang , his entourage and FINA “complied with all applicable notification requirements”, three senior Court of Arbitration for Sport judges conclude in their damning 78-page report into a hearing that ended with the Chinese controversy being handed an eight-year ban that effectively ends his career.
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@SwimXps  Sun Yang's actions called "Wholly Inappropriate" by Court of Arbitration for Sport Judges

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