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image: Southern Illinois Women …
image: Southern Illinois Women …
Southern Illinois Women Beat Missouri State For First Time Since 2015
Oct. 3, 2021 — The Southern Illinois women beat Missouri State for the first time in six years, led by a group of strong freshmen who secured some individual wins.

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image: 2019 Futures Qualifier T…
image: 2019 Futures Qualifier T…
2019 Futures Qualifier Teigen Detta Sends Verbal to Southern Illinois
March 2, 2021 — Sprint free and backstroker Teigen Detta has verbally committed to swim for Southern Illinois University's class of 2025.

@SwimXps  Teigen Detta Commits to S. Illinois University at Carbondale #swimming
@GoodbyeChlorine Teigen Detta will #swim for S. Illinois University at Carbondale
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