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image: Caeleb Dressel, Hali Fli…
image: Caeleb Dressel, Hali Fli…
Caeleb Dressel, Hali Flickinger Win Twice at Atlanta Classic Night 1 - Swimming World News
May 18, 2019 — The 2019 Atlanta Classic opened on Friday and despite some issues with results, the meet produced some extremely fast swimming. Several big names had some strong swims heading into the summer at this meet.

@SwimXps  2 time winners Caeleb Dressel and Hali Flickinger at #Atlanta #Swimming
image: 2019 Atlanta Classic: Da…
image: 2019 Atlanta Classic: Da…
2019 Atlanta Classic: Day 2 Finals Live Recap
May 19, 2019 — Caeleb Dressel will contest in the 200 fly on night two of the Atlanta Classic.
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