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image: Will Auburn’s NCAA Men’s…
Will Auburn’s NCAA Men’s 200 Free Relay Record Ever Be Broken?
The record still stands from 2009...
Jan. 22, 2021— Will Auburn’s NCAA Men’s 200 Free Relay Record Ever Be Broken? More than a full decade has passed since the shiny suits were outlawed in the sport of swimming, and only one NCAA record still stands from 2009 – the men’s 200 free relay. Heading into 2021, does any team have what it takes to bring it down? Will it ever get broken? The record-setting swim was done by Auburn’s quartet of Jakob Andkjaer (18.89), Gideon Louw (18.33), Kohlton Norys (18.67) and Matt Targett (18.19) of the legendary Auburn sprint program, who were coached by Hall of Fame coach Richard Quick and sprint guru Br ...

image: When 72 Points Vanished …
When 72 Points Vanished in One NCAA Final: The Infamous Medley Relay of 2007
Sept. 5, 2020— The NCAA Championships is one of the most intense competitions a swimmer might compete in, and falls just short of the U.S. Olympic Trials in terms of the cut-throat attitudes of the athletes and coaches vying for titles and a spot in history. First place in a relay at the NCAA Championships will earn a team 40 points, while eighth place is worth 22 points–2 points more than an individual victory. Needless to say, there is a lot of pressure to perform well on relays. The stage was set for the final of the men’s 200 yard medley relay at the Men’s 2007 NCAA Championships. 32 men on 8 t ...

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