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Russians in Quarantine as Training Camp Begins at Krugloye Lake
June 4, 2020— Members of the Russian National Swimming Team have arrived at the national training camp at Krugloye Lake, where they are currently in quarantine while awaiting results of their coronavirus tests. Athletes have been isolated in separate rooms while awaiting the results of tests. Presuming they test negative for the virus, the training portion of the camp will begin later this week and run through June 22. The Russian National Swimming Team is the first among the country’s national water sports teams to resume training, though pools across the country are beginning to reopen. At least ...
@SwimXps Russian #swimmers to begin training after quarantine ...
image: 2020 FINA Champions Seri…
2020 FINA Champions Series - Shenzhen: Day 2 Live Recap
Jan. 15, 2020— After a narrow victory over Sun Yang on Day 1 in the 200 free, Lithuanian Danas Rapsys will rematch the crowd favorite on Day 2 in Shenzhen in the 400.
@SwimXps 2020 #FINA Champions Series recap #swimming
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