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image: Olympic News Roundup: So…
Olympic News Roundup: Some Rio 2016 Boxing Matches Were Fixed, McLaren Finds
Oct. 13, 2021 — Catch up on the biggest Olympic and Paralympic storylines outside of the swimming world, including scandal in the Olympic boxing world.
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image: French Swimming Boss & P…
French Swimming Boss & Pharmacist On The Frontline of Coronavirus War Denounces IOC & Tokyo 2020 Inaction As “Indecent & Shocking”
March 19, 2020 — Gilles Sezionale is a man in the know on swimming and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic . The head of the French Swimming Federation (FFN) , a pharmacist by profession and currently working on the front line of the global health emergency, has harnessed his knowledge and status in both worlds to tell the International Olympic Committee and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games organisers that he is stunned by a lack of action that he calls both “indecent” and “shocking”. From the heart of Paris 2024 country and city, Sezionale heaps scorn and pressure on the Olympic realm as he calls on leaders ...
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image: Emmanuel Macron in hot w…
Emmanuel Macron in hot water over French presidential swimming pool on the Riviera
July 25, 2018 — Emmanuel Macron has ordered a swimming pool to be built in the grounds of the French president’s Riviera retreat to avoid prying paparazzi, sparking opposition claims he is dishing himself perks at the expense of the poor.

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