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Italian Anti-Doping Org. Releases Details of Di Giorgio's 8 Month Suspension
March 13, 2021 — Italian swimmer Alex di Giorgio was given an 8 month suspension in January. The Italian Anti-Doping authority has released documentation about that decision.

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image: Pellegrini Puts Up Impre…
Pellegrini Puts Up Impressive 1:55.8 In 200 Free Time Trial
March 21, 2020 — After clocking a time of 53.6 in the 100 freestyle on Tuesday , Italian superstar Federica Pellegrini followed up by taking on the 200, her speciality, on Thursday. The 31-year-old has been simulating the Italian Olympic Trials this week after they were cancelled due to the coronavirus . First going 1:57.4 in the morning, the two-time defending world champion posted a time of 1:55.8 in the simulated final , a showing that puts her well under the nation’s established qualifying time by a full second. Translated from Italian, her coach Matteo Giunta was happy with the effort. “It is a ...
@SwimXps  Pellegrini in good form, 1:55.8 200 free time trial
image: ISL Announces Domenico F…
ISL Announces Domenico Fioravanti as New General Manager of Aqua Centurions
April 20, 2021 — The International Swimming League Tuesday announced Domenico Fioravanti has been hired as the general manager of the Aqua Centurions.

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