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How To Move Better On Land (For Better Technique In The Water) with Jeff Grace
June 16, 2021 — My guest today is Jeff Grace from Swimming Specific Yoga. Jeff has been in the podcast before. Now he is coming back to talk more about body awareness, mobility. preparation and many more. 02:26 Moving Better With Yoga04:55 Body Awareness in Overhead Movements06:55 Thoracic Mobility08:18 Increasing Thoracic Spine Mobility12:36 Rock Not Roll 13:21 Cross-Body Connections15:05 […]
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Yoga for Swimmers Mobility Workout One - A Focus on the Quads
March 28, 2020 — The following five poses are the foundation of a yoga for swimmers mobility workout that targets the quadriceps. The quadriceps are one of the prime movers in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly kick. For that reason it is important to develop both power and endurance in the water and on dry land. With most strength training programs having a focus on the quadriceps many swimmers experience a great deal of tightness in this area. To create balance in the body it is important to ensure you address mobility and allow for recovery in the same area. Five Yoga for Swimmers Poses that Targ ...

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