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image: Firsts, Fasts, and Anoma…
Firsts, Fasts, and Anomalies: Our Favorite Stats from Men's NCAAs
April 12, 2021 — University of Texas men's swimming & diving coach Eddie Reese is going out on top. Not many in the history of the sport have been able to do that.

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image: The Sweet Sounds of Sam …
The Sweet Sounds of Sam Kendricks: The Voice of Swimming
March 31, 2021 — Sam Kendricks has been the longtime voice of swimming and has a unique story for how he landed in that role and benefited the sport.

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image: Will Auburn’s NCAA Men’s…
Will Auburn’s NCAA Men’s 200 Free Relay Record Ever Be Broken?
The record still stands from 2009...
Jan. 22, 2021 — Will Auburn’s NCAA Men’s 200 Free Relay Record Ever Be Broken? More than a full decade has passed since the shiny suits were outlawed in the sport of swimming, and only one NCAA record still stands from 2009 – the men’s 200 free relay. Heading into 2021, does any team have what it takes to bring it down? Will it ever get broken? The record-setting swim was done by Auburn’s quartet of Jakob Andkjaer (18.89), Gideon Louw (18.33), Kohlton Norys (18.67) and Matt Targett (18.19) of the legendary Auburn sprint program, who were coached by Hall of Fame coach Richard Quick and sprint guru Br ...

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image: The Legendary Indiana Un…
The Legendary Indiana University Natatorium: An Appreciation
March 14, 2021 — The Indiana University Natatorium is a revered venue, with some of the best swimmers in history churning out laps within its walls.

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