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image: TYR Pro Swim Series Stop…
image: TYR Pro Swim Series Stop…
TYR Pro Swim Series Stop in Mission Viejo to Flip Finals to Morning
March 6, 2020 — The fourth installment of the TYR Pro Swim Series in Mission Viejo will have a wrinkle designed to prepare swimmers for the Tokyo Olympics, with finals flipped to the morning. The announcement for the April 16-19 stop in California was made Wednesday. At the penultimate event in the 2020 Pro Swim Series , prelims will be held in the evening with finals the following morning. It’s an effort to acclimate swimmers to the calendar in Tokyo, where the morning swims will be the finals, to accommodate for the time difference between Tokyo and many major television markets across the globe.

@SwimXps  Swimmers will have a chance to try the morning finals format before the Tokyo #Olympics

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