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image: Klete Keller Pleads Not …
Klete Keller Pleads Not Guilty to Capitol Insurrection Charges
not guilty plea Tuesday to seven charges...
stemming from his involvement at the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6...
due to appear in court next on April 6...
March 10, 2021 — Former U.S. swimmer Klete Keller entered a not guilty plea Tuesday to seven charges from his involvement at the riot at the U.S. Capitol.
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@SwimXps  Klete Keller pleads "Not Guilty", former US national team and #Olympic #swimmer
image: Klete Keller Apologizes …
Klete Keller Apologizes to Former Coaches: ‘I Let You Down’, According to New York Times
Jan. 19, 2021 — Klete Keller “He apologized to me,” former USC and U.S. national team coach Mark Schubert told the New York Times . “He kept repeating, ‘You’ve done so much for me, and I let you down.’ He kept saying over and over, ‘I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.’” Keller has turned himself into authorities and is facing federal charges. He faces up to five years in prison, and a $250,000 fine, for his felony charge, and up to one year and six months for the two misdemeanors, respectively, in addition to another quarter million fine attached to each. As previously reported , an FBI agent w ...
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image: Olympic gold medalist sw…
Olympic gold medalist swimmer Klete Keller among Trump supporters that stormed U.S. Capitol
Was identified by “a dozen people within the sport" ...
Jan. 13, 2021 — Keller was identified by “a dozen people within the sport,” according to SwimSwam.com, in a review of footage and various screenshots from the riot that made its way inside the Capitol. The swimmer was identified not only because of his height — he stands at 6-feet-6-inches — but also because he was wearing a U.S. Olympics-branded team jacket during the charge into the federal building and did not have anything obscuring his face.

Reports: Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller was in mob that stormed US Capitol

U.S. Olympic swimming gold medalist Klete Keller was among the mob of Trump supporters that breached the U.S. Capitol last week, according to multiple media ...

@SwimXps  Klete Keller former US Olympic #swimmer caught storming the Capital ...
image: The Legendary Indiana Un…
The Legendary Indiana University Natatorium: An Appreciation
March 14, 2021 — The Indiana University Natatorium is a revered venue, with some of the best swimmers in history churning out laps within its walls.

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image: Bob Bowman On Butterfly …
Bob Bowman On Butterfly Development and Age-Group Progression in ASCA Lessons From Legends
March 12, 2021 — Arizona State University coach Bob Bowman, the man behind Michael Phelps' success, discusses butterfly development and age-group progression.

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LESSONS FROM LEGENDS: Bob Bowman on Butterfly conditioning; Age Group Progression

Check out this clip from Coach Bob Bowman on a favorite Butterfly conditioning set that he's used over the years. Coach Bowman shares a few splits Michael Ph...

@SwimXps  Fun #swim training tips from Bob Bowman.
image: Klete Keller Pleads Not …
Klete Keller Pleads Not Guilty To Seven Charges In Capitol Riot
March 10, 2021 — Olympic swimmer Klete Keller pleaded not guilty to all seven charges he's facing in federal court for his role in the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.
image: Olympic swimming medalis…
Olympic swimming medalist arrested, charged with running meth operation in Australia
Feb. 17, 2021 — Scott Miller, who earned silver and bronze at the 1996 Atlanta Games, was “intent on delivering death and misery” to regional towns in the state of New South Wales.

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image: Positivity in the Swimmi…
Positivity in the Swimming Community: Why We are More Than Klete Keller
Feb. 10, 2021 — The swimming community is tight-knit and with many young swimmers looking up to Team USA members, the actions of Klete Keller were jarring.

2020 Olympic Games
image: NYT: Klete Keller Apolog…
NYT: Klete Keller Apologizes to Former Coach
Appologized to former college coach Mark Schubert ...
Jan. 19, 2021 — Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller has not spoken to the media since SwimSwam broke the news last week that he was inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6 . But according to the New York Times , he has spoken to former coaches and expressed remorse. Mark Schubert , who was Keller’s coach at USC, told the Times that he called his former swimmer after he was charged in U.S. District Court with three counts related to the Capital uprising. Keller had broken down in tears and apologized to Schubert, saying, “You’ve done so much for me, and I let you down,” according to the article. For the ...
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image: Gold Medalist to Capitol…
Gold Medalist to Capitol Insurrection: Tracing the Rise and Fall of Klete Keller
Jan. 17, 2021 — Gold Medalist to Capitol Insurrection: Tracing the Rise and Fall of Klete Keller There’s no sugarcoating the effect on the world of swimming that seeing Klete Keller’s among protestors storming the United States Capitol on Jan. 6 has had, just as there’s no diminishing the chilling effect of five lives lost that day or that the insurrection has had on American democracy. It’s made for a convenient hook in headlines of the coverage – of CEOs, elected officials and yes, an Olympic swimmer, joining an unruly mob of right-wing protestors trying to stop the certification of an election lo ...

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