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Breaststroker Jack Guenther Will Remain In State With 2022 Verbal to UNC Tar Heels
breaststroker will remain in state...
Feb. 3, 2021— Junior National qualifier Jack Guenther of Charlotte, N.C. has decided to remain in state for his college career after verbally committing to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

image: UNC Snags Verbal from Sp…
UNC Snags Verbal from Sprinter Tyler Roberton of Tampa Bay Aquatics for 2022-23
Jan. 17, 2021— NEW COMMIT: The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill has scored a new verbal commitment for the fall of 2022 from sprinter Tyler Roberton of Largo, Fla. He will join Patrick Sleater and Tanner Jones as a member of the Tar Heels’ Class of 2026. Regarding his commitment, he said: “I am extremely excited to announce my commitment to swim for the University of North Carolina. I am looking forward to furthering my athletic and academic future at Chapel Hill. I’d like to thank my friends and teammates who have supported me through the years, and my coaches who have helped me pursue my ...

@SwimXps Tyler Roberton will #swim for UNC
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