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image: ‘It felt like I was the …
‘It felt like I was the first person to step on Mars’: Anchorage free divers plunge into icy Rabbit Lake
Unexplored territory ...
felt like I was the first person to step on Mars...
Jan. 21, 2021 — “In general … it is the whole unexplored territory,” Jordan Flesner said, describing the allure of freediving in lakes in Alaska. Freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on breath-holding rather than the use of a breathing apparatus. Flesner was one of the trip’s original planners.
Alaska Backcountry Alpine Ice Freediving 2020 (Rabbit Lake)

Join us for a quick hype video from one of the most insane things we've done in a long time. For context, Alex and a group of freedivers (and one brave Scuba...

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