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image: Self Motivation Made Sim…
Self Motivation Made Simple
Jan. 21, 2021— Whenever I have thought during practice “Why am I doing so poorly,” it has shaken my self-confidence for the rest of the day. I start to question my abilities, my determination and my will to contribute to the team. Going through 8 years of an individual sport has lead me to this conclusion; no one can motivate me the way I can motivate myself. In swimming the only person I can listen to (other than my coaches) is myself. So what do you do when you are being hard on yourself, and you feel that you are not able to live up to your expectations? In this post, I want to highlight five di ...
@SwimXps Need more #swimming motivation?
image: Energy Standard Training…
Energy Standard Training Group
Jan. 21, 2021— The Energy Standard Training group, usually based in Turkey, has been unable to resume training there since before they dispersed for the Christmas break due to the coronavirus pandemic. Current travel restrictions, as a result of rising Covid-19, have meant that the group never returned in the new year to their base in the Gloria Sports Arena. With the pandemic worsening in many countries across the world, head coach James Gibson said: “It’s not the best time to run an international program.” He added: “All of the group are training at home to get some consistency in their work towa ...
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2021 TYR Pro Swim Series Day 2 Men’s Prelims: Live Recap

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image: Leah Smith Details Solo …
Leah Smith Details Solo Training with Matt Grevers, ISL, and Coffee Hobby
Jan. 20, 2021— We sat down with Olympic champion Leah Smith , who was one of few national teamers who didn’t attend a Pro Swim this past weekend. Leah was planning on attending the meet in Irvine, but as that one was canceled she opted to stay home and train. Smith details her last 10 months through the COVID pandemic, including prepping for ISL with Matt Grevers , being on a non-US based team for the ISL, and her newfound coffee love with all this time at home. Music: Otis McDonald www.otismacmusic.com RECENT EPISODES Leah was planning on attending the meet in Irvine, but as that one was canceled ...
@SwimXps Great podcast featuring Leah Smith #swimming
image: World Record Holder Ilya…
World Record Holder Ilya Shymanovich Addresses Dolphin Kick Controversy
Jan. 20, 2021— After a string of impressive performances throughout the International Swimming League (ISL) season 2 and beyond, Belarusian Ilya Shymanovich earned the 2020 Swammy Award for European Swimmer of the Year. The 26-year-old breaststroking ace not only swam between 55.3 and 55.8 six separate times in the SCM 100 meter breaststroke between November and December, but he capped off his year by breaking the World Record in that race with a mark of 55.34. “I think the 2nd season of ISL was productive for me. I had a lot of fast races with strong guys. I was very happy about my results. It was ...
@SwimXps Ilya Shymanovich responds to controversial #breaststroke kick
image: Ian Thorpe: “Everyone in…
Ian Thorpe: “Everyone in the World is Swimming the 200 Freestyle Wrong” (Video)
Jan. 20, 2021— Australian Swimming legend Ian Thorpe believes that his sensational 1:44.06 World record over 200 metres freestyle in 2001 remains one off the three most competitive four-length swims of the past two decades because “everyone in the world is swimming the 200 freestyle wrong.” “You can’t swim 150 meters easy and then turn it into a sprint. You are going to limit what time you are going to do,” says Thorpe, Olympic 400m freestyle champion at Sydney 2000 and 200m and 400m gold medallist at Athens 2004. Now 37, he believes that the only way the swimmer who cannot match the rare backend s ...
image: Physical Performance Dep…
Physical Performance Depends on Sleep - Fit to Succeed Episode 52 With Dr. Michael Grandner
Jan. 20, 2021— No doubt, you are well aware that a bad night’s sleep can leave you struggling for energy and the ability to remain alert. But did you know that sleep loss and exercise performance also have a strong connection! Even small amounts of lost sleep that become a regular habit can have a significant negative impact on your sporting performance, your exercise and, ultimately, your fitness results. Episode 52, with a global leader in the field sleep research, Dr Michael Grandner, will help unfold the details and give you actionable tips to help restore your sleep today!
@SwimXps Here's just how important sleep is to #athletic perforance ...
image: Ryan Held Assesses His C…
Ryan Held Assesses His Career on the Ultimate Swimmer Podcast
Jan. 19, 2021— Ryan Held Assesses His Career on the Ultimate Swimmer Podcast The latest episode of the Ultimate Swimmer Podcast with Josh Davis featured Team USA sprinter Ryan Held, a member of the 2016 gold-medal winning 400 freestyle relay at the Olympic Games in Rio. Here is a look at some of the topics that Held discussed during his Ultimate Swimmer Podcast visit. By Noah Yanchulis Ryan Held is among the elite when you talk about sprint talent in America. He was a multi-time Illinois state champ in high school, multi-time NCAA champion in college, has won national titles on the pro level and ha ...
image: An Honest Sport: 15 Trut…
An Honest Sport: 15 Truths About Swimming
Jan. 19, 2021— 15 Truths About Swimming Swimming is a sport like no other. You learn a lot about yourself throughout your years as a swimmer and the sport inherently instills valuable life lessons in you. Even when your time as a competitive swimmer is done, you still continue to learn more about the sport and have time to reflect. Here are 15 very real and very honest truths about swimming: 1. Swimming isn’t like any other sport, so don’t expect it to be. Swimming is unique for many reasons and is truly unlike any other sport. You don’t get a timeout in the middle of your 400 IM, no matter how bad ...
@SwimXps True that #swimming #truths ...
image: Zane Grothe on Training:…
Zane Grothe on Training: "I've really focused on having a better 1500" (Video)
Jan. 19, 2021— The men’s 1500 freestyle was a mirror image of the women’s event, this time featuring Zane Grothe and Will Gallant . The main difference was that Grothe made his move a little bit earlier than McHugh, pulling away from Gallant around the 1000m mark. Grothe, 28, finished in a time of 15:10.29, stacking up as his fastest swim since July of 2019 while also making him the second-fastest American this season. The time is a marked improvement compared to his 1500 done at this time last year in Richmond (15:19.77). Also like McHugh, Grothe negative split the event, going 7:36.23/7:34.06 for ...
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23rd Euro Meet Scheduled For March In Luxembourg Is Cancelled

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Arno Kamminga Urges FINA To Use Technology To ‘Expose The Cheats’ Doing Illegal Fly Kicks

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Freshmen and Veterans Lead Pitt to Top West Virginia in Annual Backyard Brawl

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TYR Pro Series: Zane Grothe Outduels Kieran Smith in 800 Free; Haley Anderson Tops Women’s Field

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Ryan Murphy Backstroke Analysis | Insane Technique | MySwimPro

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Five Men’s Storylines to Follow at the 2021 TYR Pro Swim Series

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SSPC: Phoebe Bacon Breaks Down What Gains You Get From Training in a 15yd Pool

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image: Dryland Taper - 3 Tips t…
Dryland Taper - 3 Tips to Generate Fast Swimming
Jan. 19, 2021— It’s not how you start, but how you finish a season that really matters and dryland taper can play a huge part of that success. Of course, swimming is about the journey and overall experience. But we all realize that most swimmers are training up for one big meet in the swim season. There is no question that taper both in and out of the water is crucial to your athlete’s performance on race day in order to make that one big meet really count. Some people totally dismiss how crucial their dryland taper can be to the overall success of the season. This plays out with some coaches resor ...
@SwimXps Here's how to think about dryland training during a taper ...
image: Pre-Race Rituals
Pre-Race Rituals
Jan. 19, 2021— Whether you are at the Olympics or a summer league meet, you will see people behind, or on, the blocks doing their little pre-race ritual. Some are just subconscious tics that you don’t even realize you do every time you get behind the block. Some are silly. Some are intimidating. And some are just plain annoying. Here are a few of the most common ones I would see at a meet: The Phelps back slap – You’ve all seen this one. When the GOAT would step up on the block and stretch that mighty 6’7’’ wingspan behind his back and then lets go to do the mighty back slap. When you see this happ ...
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Site of 2004 Olympic Trials Being Used As Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Site

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Olympic gold medalist charged in Capitol riots after being spotted in Team USA jacket

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Curzan & Lochte Scratch Out Of Richmond Pro Swim Series

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image: Cody Simpson Hits Best T…
Cody Simpson Hits Best Time in 200 Yard Free in Practice
Jan. 17, 2021— After qualifying for the Australian Olympic Trials in the 100 fly last month, Australian singer and swimmer Cody Simpson hit another lifetime best, this time in short course yards. According to an Instagram post from Simpson, he swam a new lifetime best time in the 200 free. While the video doesn’t include a time, it appears to be roughly 1:40.0 based on a hand timing of the video. A post shared by Cody Simpson (@codysimpson) Despite not mentioning a final time for the swim, the video does feature his time after each of the first three 50’s. His first three splits were 22.4/47.3/1:12 ...
@SwimXps Cody Simpson showing his speed in #swimming practice ...
image: SSPC: Jade Hannah on Mat…
SSPC: Jade Hannah on Maturing Through Training at HPC - Toronto
Jan. 17, 2021— We sat down with world junior champion Jade Hannah . She talked us through her quarantine, which included open water swims in lakes and the ocean, biking and running for hours, and doing dryland workouts at home. Jade also walked us through training at the HPC-Toronto, and what swimming consistently with the likes of Penny Oleksiak , Kylie Masse , and more has done for her maturity as an athlete. Music: Otis McDonald www.otismacmusic.com RECENT EPISODES Jade Hannah describes what swimming consistently with the likes of Penny Oleksiak, Kylie Masse, and more has done for her maturity a ...
image: Swimming In A Frozen Lake
Swimming In A Frozen Lake
Jan. 17, 2021— Dug a whole in to the lake and enjoyed some dips into the frozen lake after some sauna. Wonderful wintery time in Saimaa.
@SwimXps A cold winter #swimming dip ...
image: 7 Swim Drills You Didn't…
7 Swim Drills You Didn't Know You Needed | Unusual Freestyle Swimming Drills | Global Triathlon Network
Jan. 8, 2021— Freestyle swimming drills aren’t the most exciting part of swim training but they are essential for improving our stroke. There are a group of common ones we all use for working on the major areas of front crawl and they do their job well. Here are the swimming drills you didn’t know you needed!
image: Does Talent Matter?
Does Talent Matter?
Jan. 6, 2021— Average talent leads to the most success, says some data – but can it be true? Does that mean that hard work is worth more than extreme talent?
@SwimXps Does talent matter more than hard work? #swimming
@GoodbyeChlorine Does hard work matter more than extreme talent? #swimming
image: California Wildfires Cau…
California Wildfires Causing Air Quality Concerns For Swim Practices
Sept. 10, 2020— For a second straight year, California wildfires are bringing up air quality concerns that could affect swim practices and competitions. Wildfires are tearing across the West Coast, killing seven people and destroying buildings across California, Oregon and Washington. The resulting ash in the air has caused health and safety concerns. We saw a similar situation last year, when swimming officials were forced to cancel practices or competitions if air quality crossed a certain threshold. Officials are monitoring a rating called “Air Quality Index” or AQI. Last year, many policies said ...
image: Caeleb Dressel's Insane …
Caeleb Dressel's Insane Workout Schedule Revealed | The #AskASwimPro Show
Sept. 9, 2020— ​@Caeleb Dressel is just like you: He just wants to swim fast and have fun!See MySwimPro
@SwimXps Caeleb Dressel's Insane Workout Schedule Revealed #swimming
image: Argentine National Team …
Argentine National Team Completes Return to Pool
Aug. 25, 2020— Argentina’s transition back to consistent training has been completed, as Agustín Hernández , the last Argentinian National Team member out of training, has returned to the pool. According to Gustavo Roldán, the main coach of the Argentine National Team, a core group of 8 Argentinian swimmers including Federico Grabich , Gabriel Morelli , Virginia Bardach , Macarena Ceballos , and Andrea Berrino have been training, limitedly, for about 10 weeks. Exceptions were first made during Argentina’s 5-month long quarantine, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when Pan American Champion Delfina Pign ...
image: 5 Plant-Based Protein Al…
5 Plant-Based Protein Alternatives for Swimmers
July 18, 2020— 5 Plant-Based Protein Alternatives for Swimmers You have heard it countless times from doctors, parents and coaches. “Eat your greens!” Obviously, fruit and vegetable consumption is important to a well-balanced diet, but people are becoming increasingly aware of additional benefits offered by following a primarily plant-based diet. From popular Netflix documentary “The Game Changers” to world-class athletes who have adopted plant-based eating habits, plant-based diets are now at the forefront of healthy lifestyle discussion. Yet, adopting a plant-based diet as a swimmer can be a litt ...
@SwimXps Looking for plant-based protein alternatives? Here's 5 for #swimmers ...

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