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South Australian swim club honours heroic nurse killed in the 2017 London Bridge attack | ABC News | Swimmer's Daily
March 2, 2020 SOUTH AUSTRALIA — Kirsty Boden is known as the Aussie nurse who lost her life in the 2017 London Bridge terror attack while rushing to the aid of another victim.
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@SwimXps  Kirsty Boden: "her bravery is unmatched in Australia's history" #heroine #swimmer
@GoodbyeChlorine Nice way to honor a true #heroine: Kirsty Boden
image: Maddie Ward makes a spla…
Maddie Ward makes a splash after coming back from injury | Swimmer's Daily
Feb. 13, 2020 — CSU breaststroke swimmer, Maddie Ward, knows what it means to fight through adversity and come back on top. After having two huge surgeries following an impressive sophomore season, Ward knew it wo…
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@SwimXps  An inspirational story featuring Maddie Ward #swimming
@GoodbyeChlorine Don't let adversity slow you down. Here's an #inspirational #swimming story.